communicating vaccine safety
  • Photo of Eleni Adamou Eleni Adamou
    My name is Eleni Adamou and I am a fifth-year medical student at the Charité Medical University in Berlin. I am currently working on my doctoral thesis, which investigates nasopharyngeal aspirate samples taken from children, for respiratory infections such as HRV, HMPV and HAdV and aims to discover how these pathogens can be associated with clinical symptoms of children suffering from influenza-like illness. I work mainly at the laboratory of the National Reference Center for Influenza at the Robert Koch Institut, where I use methods such as Virus extraction, Preparation of cDNA and RT-PCR.

    Project Coordinator since 2011.
  • Photo of Marie-Christin Beer Marie-Christin Beer
    I am Marie-Christin, 23 years old, and a medical student at the Charité Medical University in Berlin. Since 2012 I have been part of a team that works on the surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases in the emergency room. Currently I am writing my third-year thesis on the relationship between disease severity and viral load in infants and children with influenza.

    Project Coordinator since 2012.
  • Photo of Martin Brix Martin Brix
    My name is Martin Brix, and I am 23 years old. I am a medical student in my 4th year at the Medical University of Vienna. I am interested in pediatrics because I like children, and it is a broad subject with a wide Study Coordinators range of possibilities to work on. A topic of special interest to me is Vaccines, as they are readily available, easy to administer, and effective at preventing disease. The focus of my thesis is the comparison of the perceptions of vaccine safety among parents in Vienna, compared with parents in two countries in Eastern Europe, where similar surveys took place already. Besides all this, I am working as a volunteer for the Red Cross, and I like playing soccer, meeting with my friends, and listening to music, because that is my way to relax after a hard day.

    Project Coordinator since 2008 until 2010.
  • Photo of Xi Chen Xi Chen
    My name is Xi Chen. I am originally from China, but I was born and grew up in Berlin, Germany. I graduated from a humanistic secondary school and am currently a fourth-year medical student at Charité Medical University. My career aspiration has been to become a paediatrician since I was a little child. Even though my ultimate goal is to be a practicing doctor, I also wanted to gain an insight into clinical research. I am particularly interested in the real-time diagnostics and surveillance of influenza and influenza-like illnesses and the ability to reassure parents about the nature of the disease.

    Project Coordinator since 2012.
  • Photo of Iga Chitwood Iga Chitwood
    Iga Chitwood graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Economics and International Relations, an MA in East European Studies, and an MA in Art History. During her yeas at Stanford she has gained a lot of experience with writing, editing, project management, event coordination and student advising. Currently Iga Chitwood serves as the team coordinator for ViVI. She is also a student at Charité Medical University in Berlin, where she hopes to take advantage of her skills as a former student of the humanities by working on the improvement of vaccine safety communication. To Iga Chitwood, who is a mother of two toddlers, this is a topic that is not only interesting on an intellectual level, but also one of practical relevance.

    Project Coordinator since 2012.
  • Photo of Stefan Fitzinger Stefan Fitzinger
    My name is Stefan Fitzinger, I am 23 years old. I am medical student in Vienna, currently the 4th year of my studies. As my diploma project, I am working on the ViVI-Survey “Perceptions of vaccine safety among parents and guardians of children and adolescents in Vienna, Austria“, with special attention to the differences in the acceptance of individual vaccines in the Austrian Immunization schedule. I have chosen this topic because vaccines have been the subject of many discussions in the past, and will be so also in the future. With my dissertation, I want to make a contribution to a better understanding of parents’ concerns regarding vaccines.

    Project Coordinator since 2008 until 2010.
  • Photo of Boris Goldshteyn Boris Goldshteyn
    IT Project Manager and Coordinator. Responsible for the IT planning, communication and coordination of the resources for ViVI mobile application development.

    Project Coordinator since 2015.
  • Photo of Stephanie Helfert Stephanie Helfert
    My name is Stephanie Helfert, I am studying medicine in the fourth year. In addition to my university education in conventional medicine, I am also receiving formal training in classical homoeopathy. I came across the Vienna Vaccine Safety Initiative while searching for a subject for my diploma thesis which could teach me how to address controversial topics with my patients in the future. The topic which I will focus on in our survey project is the interaction between the physicians and the parents, and the question how this relationship may affect the parents' attitudes towards immunization.

    Project Coordinator since 2008 until 2010.
  • Photo of Susann Mühlhans Susann Mühlhans
    At the moment I am a postgraduate doctoral student at Charité University Medical Center in Berlin. As a research coordinator since 2010, I have gained research experience in an observational study and a Phase 1 PK/PD clinical trial. I am also involved in two prospective surveillance programs of influenza and meningitis, conducted by the Charité in collaboration with the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, Germany. I am currently completing my M.D. doctoral thesis on “The Assessment of Vaccine Safety Perceptions among Members of Pediatric Professional Societies in Russia and Germany”, an online survey project in collaboration with the Vienna Vaccine Safety Initiative. During my research, I have participated in international teleconferences on vaccine safety in developing and industrialized countries.

    Project Coordinator since 2010.
  • Photo of Patrick Obermeier Patrick Obermeier
    Main fields of interest of mine are neurologic as well as infectiological disease patterns. Thus, my clinical and research work as a doctoral student in the paediatric division of the Charité Medical Centre in Berlin is focused on a real-time surveillance of CNS inflammations. Looking at such clinical pictures as potential adverse events following immunization (AEFI), I pay particular attention to a patient’s immunization history. On the one hand, I look at the way physicians deal with information on vaccinations and on the other hand I assess parents’ level of knowledge regarding vaccinations.

    Project Coordinator since 2011.
  • Photo of Hiba Oubari Hiba Oubari
    Hi, my name is Hiba Oubari, and I am a medical student at the Medical University of Vienna. Pediatrics is my favorite interest within the field of medicine, which is why I have become a member of this working group. In our Study, my special concern is the effect of the media on the parents ́ attitudes towards immunizations. Besides my interest in medicine, I enjoy spending time with my two cats or in nature.

    Project Coordinator since 2008 until 2010.
  • Photo of Lea Seeber Lea Seeber
    My name is Lea Seeber and I am 22 years old. I am a medical student at Charité Medical University in Berlin and interested in pediatrics, pediatric surgery and neuropsychiatry. I am currently working on my doctoral thesis on pediatric infectious diseases and vaccines. My dissertation focuses on communicating vaccine safety and vaccine benefit risk. I also work as a translator for medical websites, which exposes me to medical communication and its challenges. I enjoy talking to children of various ages and therefore volunteer at the Teddy Bear Clinic and as a tutor.

    Project Coordinator since 2012.
  • Photo of Franziska Tief Franziska Tief
    I am Franziska Tief, a 5th year medical student at Charité University Medical Center Berlin. Having been interested in medicine, especially pedeatrics, ever since I can remember, I became research coordinator in December 2009. Since that time I have been able to gain a lot of knowledge about clinical research and surveillance programs. At the moment I am intensively working on my M.D. doctoral thesis about “Predictors of Antibiotic Use and Bacterial Colonization/Coinfection in Infants and Children with Influenza and Influenza-Like Illness (Charité Influenza-Like Disease = ChILD Cohort)”. One of my aims is helping to clarify the incidence of bacterial colonization/coinfection on the disease severity in ILI patients and the role of vaccinations and other factors that possibly have influence on antibiotic use.

    Project Coordinator since 2009.
  • Photo of Jeong A Yun Jeong A Yun
    My name is Jeong A Yun, I am a student at the Medical University of Vienna. Originally, I am from South Korea, and I have been living in Vienna since 1999. It is my pleasure to participate in this project because I am very interested in children and in clinical pediatrics. With my thesis, I am looking at the question how the patents’ socio-cultural backgrounds may influence their attitudes towards routine childhood immunizations. During my spare time and during the weekends, I am also working as assistant in a Sunday-Kindergarten of the Korean Evangelical Church in Vienna.

    Project Coordinator since 2008 until 2010.